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2015 Community Benefit & Relations Snapshot

A healthy community is our business

Every year is a new opportunity to live our mission which includes improving the health of the communities we serve. We’re about more than medical care. Our prescription for total health begins with increasing access to affordable, high-quality health care, and includes access to nutritious food, physical activity, thriving schools, and a healthy environment. We believe healthy communities and healthy environments are foundational to improving the health of people.

We’re committed to transforming how the world thinks about and delivers on health care because a healthy community is our business. Our status as a nonprofit organization sets us apart from many other health insurance plans and allows us to live our mission.

In 2015, here’s how we invested our resources in the business of caring, educating, building, and nurturing community health. Behind every number is a story of lives made better.

Roland Lyon

Regional President

Margaret Ferguson, MD

Executive Medical Director,
Colorado Permanente Medical Group


Jandel Allen-Davis, MD

Vice President, Government,
External Relations, and Research



We increase access to health care for underserved and marginalized communities—it’s fundamental to our mission. Health care should never be out of reach for anyone and healthier people make a healthier world for all of us.


We continue to learn and educate. Through best practices and research we develop new medical knowledge and share it widely with others. We work to better understand and eliminate health disparities. We invest in the next generation of health care professionals. And, we use the arts to promote greater community health.


We build upon our assets, resources, and strategies to focus on health needs. We work to build stronger, healthier communities and to inspire people to be healthier in all aspects of their lives.


We protect and improve the natural environment and the communities we serve. When people have access to healthy food, safe neighborhoods, fresh water, and clean air, they’re more likely to be healthy.

$124M support includes $10M directed through a donor advised fund with The Denver Foundation.


We are honored to serve people in need.

Improving access to health care for those with limited incomes and resources is fundamental to our mission.


$95,000,000invested in care and coverage
$19,000,000Medical Financial Assistance
$2,400,000Charitable Coverage (CHC)
Member and nonmember patients receiving assistance
36,100supported with Medical Financial Assistance
57,400enrolled in Medicaid, CHP+, and CHC


We help our patients in need get the financial resources necessary to receive care. View one patient’s story.


invested with Safety Net Partnerships, includes providing specialty consulting care access with Kaiser Permanente specialists.

Specialty Consulting Care

489 e-consultations
115 direct patient visits

30 physician volunteers

served in 13 different Denver/Boulder and Northern Colorado Safety Net community clinics.

These volunteers provided:

  • Comprehensive primary care
  • Pediatric care
  • Eye care
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology care
  • Dermatology
  • Billing coding guidance

“Yes, I love it there! It’s nice to be able to help people who do not have insurance and would do not have access to health care. It’s challenging but that’s also part of the fun. I think my service is very valuable and we could definitely use more providers. We need a specialty referral base—I use our advice lines frequently but it would be nice to have a cardiologist, neurologist, dermatologist, etc. for those things I can’t and don’t typically manage,”

Deja VanDeLoo, MD Kaiser Permanente, who volunteered at ACS Community Lift for several years


We continue to learn and educate.

We work to better understand and eliminate health disparities to transform the future of health.

$1,662,000invested in the AIR program

Arts Integrated Resources (AIR) Programs promote greater community health through educational theatre, dynamic youth engagement projects, and hands-on, experiential learning for Coloradans of all ages.

AIR Celebrated 30 years in Colorado

Learn more about AIR

822programs offered
275schools served in 35 districts
160,719youth reached
22,446adults reached

kpviolet_icon-masks_100x100AIR: Educational Theatre

High energy, interactive plays (The Pressure Point, 5210 Main Street, Choose Your Life, Health Team 4) encourage youth to consider consequences of their choices, whether it’s poor nutrition, inactivity, or navigating social issues, like bullying.

154Colorado schools reached
62,100students reached
3,365adults reached


Watch Who We Are by Arlene Rapal, actor, facilitator, program coordinator, Educational Theatre Programs.

AIR: Experiential Learning

100% Metro Community Provider Network employees trained on delivering empathetic care and enriching care delivery for everyone; expanded to serve students at CU Denver, Arapahoe Community College, Colorado School of Public Health, and University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

59 school groups

experienced the Laughaceuticals workshop, Health Benefits of Laughter

32 classes at 8 schools

experienced a conflict resolution workshop, Confronting Conflict

kpviolet_icon-lightbulb_100x100AIR: Youth Engagement

Enlisting youth as essential allies to improve the health of our communities.

CO9to25 Youth Summit

172 youth and adults from all over Colorado attended the 3rd annual summit to learn how to rewrite their story.

Student Health Advisory Council

20,000 students and teachers reached by “Just Say Know”, an educational program about the effects of marijuana on the adolescent brain.

School Without Hate Campaign

39 schools participated in this campaign created and administered by the Student Health Advisory Council.


Watch the CO9to25 Youth Summit video to learn more about this youth initiative.


Watch Jeffco School District’s Student Health Advisory Council members talk about the learning and growth they experienced in this program that fosters health advocacy.

Getting students to move their bodies to help move their minds.


invested in school programs for 19 school districts that increase physical activity.

Learn more about Thriving Schools

Fire Up Your Feet

$12,250raised for schools
10,900youth reached
46 schools participated

Learn more about Fire Up Your Feet

“Last year, our school won the Spring Challenge and used the money to have three water bottle filling stations installed over the summer. Now, the students are drinking more water. … Since we are encouraging them to track their activity on Fire Up Your Feet, and we had success last year in raising money, it got some of the students thinking that we are so fortunate to have our water so readily available, but third world countries don’t even have fresh water to drink. They are thinking that, maybe, if we win this Fall Challenge, we could buy life straws or wells for children their own age in third world countries. This is one way that Fire Up Your Feet could benefit not just our community, but a community clear across the globe.”

Health Coordinator, Manitou Springs Middle School


Talk about active, the kids move nonstop, they’ve accepted the challenge to get moving. It improves their health and their academic performance, view the news story from Channel 4.

$18,000invested in communication support for 9 grant partners

“This video storytelling challenge presents a unique opportunity for our nonprofit partners to educate and inform the community at large about the important work they are doing to improve health,” said Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, vice president of government, external relations, and research, Kaiser Permanente Colorado. “Participating organizations can now share their video stories online and through social media—something that’s increasingly important for nonprofit organizations in the digital age.”


“For the people we serve, we hear and see their struggles and triumphs every day. These are strong people who are trying to rebuild their lives,” said Leslie Foster, president of The Gathering Place. “We’re so excited about this grant from Kaiser Permanente because it’ll help us amplify their voices so their journeys as individuals may be experienced compassionately by the community as a whole.”

The following videos showcase how The Gathering Place and other nonprofits create a healthier Colorado through video storytelling:

$504,529internally invested in research

We conduct world-class scientific research, share the results, and put our findings into practice to improve the quality of health outcomes, reduce costs, and elevate the care delivery experience.

Researched in 2015:

  • Controlling Hypertension in Native Americans
  • Insights into Typology of the Complex Patient
  • Overdose Education
  • Overcoming Residual Depressive Symptoms
  • Interactive Tool for Parents with Concerns about Vaccines
  • Preventive Screening Reminders Utilizing the IVR System
  • Evaluation of Care Needs of Members
$8,200,000Federal funding received for research
$3,300,000Non-federal funding received for research
185active studies
87research papers published

$9,800,000invested to groom health care professionals

We train the workforce of tomorrow regarding care delivery, equity, and health disparities.


  • 65 independent medical training programs
  • 24 programs for 44 medical students and 120 medical residents
  • 45 physicians provided outpatient teaching
  • 19 fellows offered outpatient teaching
  • 352 nurses trained



funding to support BioMedical Career and Technical Education Pathways in Denver Public School Districts

$474,800invested in Colorado Community Colleges
$60,000diversity scholarships awarded to
24 minority students


  • 288 students received scholarships from 13 colleges
  • 3 students hosted from Rocky Mountain INROADS
  • 4 students participated from Arrupé High School
  • 19 undergraduates participated in Pre-Health Programs


We celebrated our 10 year anniversary of the Diversity Scholarship Program. Hear from a few students who received diversity scholarships.


We support community health strategies.

We supported 600 community change strategies affecting 530,000 people
(including 156,000 children) through community-based interventions in neighborhoods, worksites, and health clinics.

$2,008,000invested in hunger initiatives

Increased referrals by 57.5% to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs through partnerships with:

  • Hunger Free Colorado
  • Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado
  • Fresh Food Financing Fund
  • Veterans to Farmers
  • Denver Botanic Gardens

In 2011, we began partnering with Hunger Free Colorado to implement a hunger screening and referral program. The program was piloted in two pediatric clinics and has since expanded to 10 departments and over 10 medical offices. Since 2012, we have referred 1,839 members to Hunger Free Colorado, 78% of whom were connected to government nutrition assistance programs, food pantries, meals on wheels, and senior food programs.

Hear a podcast on community partners with Sandra Stenmark, MD, and Margaret DeKoven, PA, Kaiser Permanente.


Robin Dickenson, MD, a family physician supporting community health in Colorado, learned the effects of hunger first-hand when she experienced a loss of income as a result of several personal health set-backs. Today she uses this experience to inform her practice in caring for individuals under her care. Watch to understand her story.

$1,427,000invested in LiveWell Colorado

Since 2009, we have partnered with LiveWell Colorado on policy and environmental changes to remove barriers to healthy living opportunities.

In partnership:

  • Funded community coalitions
  • Advanced policy
  • Increased public advocacy for Health Eating / Active Living
  • Increased awareness of obesity


Watch the highlights of how residents of the Westwood neighborhood began to build a safe haven for themselves with assistance from LiveWell Colorado.

$1,166,000invested to to support healthy, active lifestyles for
10 municipalities and 10 companies

Community change strategies implemented:

  • School and worksite wellness policies
  • Body mass index screenings in community clinics
  • Community gardens that supply local food pantries with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Infrastructure to promote walking and biking to school


Colorado State University faculty and staff 50 years and older can get Back on the Bike. Watch how Colorado State University implemented a program to help faculty and staff become more comfortable riding a bike to work.


Through our Weigh and Win program, we offered adults in Colorado up to $150 every three months to lose weight and keep it off as a way to combat obesity. Watch to find out more.

$922,800invested in decreasing health disparities

In partnership with:

  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
  • Colorado Rural Health Center
  • ClinicNet
  • Servicios De La Raza
  • Kids First Health Care

$1,150,800invested in pediatric behavioral health and
social/emotional well-being

In partnership with:

  • Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health (LAUNCH) Together
  • Community Partnership for Child Development (CPCD)


We continue to bring the community together.

We make it easy for employees to give back to the communities through supported community service and our gift-matching employee giving campaign.

Community Service

8,962community service hours
309volunteer projects
231nonprofits served

Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Annual Day of Service

565employee volunteers
43volunteer projects
41nonprofits served


Watch videos from MLK Day of Service projects

Employee Giving Campaign
34%overall increase
$407,000donated by 484 employees
$841,695total donations with
company matched funds

Local events

In addition to charitable work we sponsor and participate in local events, through our community relations support.

colfax10_100x100The Colfax Marathon 10th anniversary included 18,000 registered runners, donated $30,000 to charity partners on behalf of Corporate Cup winners.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better 10th Anniversary Marathon weekend,” said Andrea Dowdy, CEO of the Colfax Marathon. “As a nonprofit, our mission is to encourage fitness in our communities, bring runners together from all over, and showcase the best our city has to offer, and this weekend we were able to do just that.”

Additional sponsorship examples:

  • 22nd Annual Frisco Colorado BBQ Challenge (video)
  • B-Cycle Denver & Boulder
  • Colorado Dragon Boat Festival
  • American Heart Association Go Red for Women
  • Colorado Marathon
  • Vail Valley Foundation
  • Education Foundation of Eagle County
  • Foote Lagoon Concert Series
  • Cattle Baron’s Ball
  • And, many more


We protect and improve
the natural environment.

We are serious about the environment: Reduce! Recycle! Reuse! By being great environmental stewards, we can create cleaner, healthier communities.


15% of total waste recycled

5,000 lbs. of material

recycled in 6 mos. at Franklin Ambulatory Surgical Center

68% landfill

diversion rate achieved


883,230 gallons of water saved


~82% energy consumption reduction

through the use of new solar array panels & solar carports at 5 facilities


Together with our community partners,
we build a healthier Colorado.

Here are some of our 2015 community health partners:

Academy District 20
Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Adams County School District 50
American Lung Association of Colorado
American Red Cross
Aurora Public School District
Bicycle Colorado
Canon City Schools
Care & Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado
Center for African American Health
City of Colorado Springs
City of Fort Collins
City of Littleton
City of Pueblo
Colorado Business Group on Health
Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence
Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition
Colorado Community Health Network Inc.
Colorado Department of Education or CDE
Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Colorado Education Initiative
Colorado Meth Project
Colorado Nonprofit Association
Colorado Rural Health Center
Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation
Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County
Community Health Partnership
Community Partnership for Child Development
Consortium for Older Adult Wellness
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Housing Authority
Denver Public Schools Foundation

East Grand School District, RE2
El Paso County School District No. 2 – Harrison
Falcon School District 49
Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges
Greeley-Evans School District 6
Homeward Pikes Peak
Hunger Free Colorado
Jefferson County School District
Kids First Health Care
LiveWell Colorado
Mapleton Public Schools
MEND Foundation
National Jewish Health
North Colorado Health Alliance
Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation
Pikes Peak Community College Foundation
Pikes Peak United Way
Poudre School District
Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation
Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL)
Rocky Mountain Youth Medical & Nursing Consultants, Inc.
Rose Community Foundation (Project LAUNCH)
Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation
Servicios de La Raza
St. Vrain Valley School District RE1J
Summit School District RE-1
Teller County School District Re-1
The Denver Foundation
The Gender Identity Center of Colorado
The Park Hill Bike Depot
University of Colorado Denver – Anschutz Medical Campus
Walk Denver
YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

“We continue to deepen our engagement in the promotion of health equity and the elimination of health disparities by building partnerships with community health centers, public hospitals, local health departments, and school health centers.”
Maureen McDonald, Senior Director, Community Benefit & Relations

National Retrospection

Ten years ago, as we considered how to make a stronger impact on community health outside the walls of Kaiser Permanente medical offices, we could not have imagined how Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives (CHI) would flourish and gain traction at so many levels.

Read more about our national efforts building community health over the past decade.

Kaiser Permanente exists to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

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